Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello September!


Time to welcome in September, and say goodbye to August.  We are winding down our mobile season and getting prepared to kick in with some pop ups and online sales for the colder months while we rebuild stock and book venues for the 2015 season!

Here are the highlights of August!

I always said I was going to be a blue haired old granny. I am a granny and I decided on blue/green! #youonlyliveonce #bluegreenisthenewblack #lavenderisnext 

August 10th
1- I am truly beat now.....

2- I love my Cheapside Market friends!

3- I have an insanely busy week ahead.

4- I am sold out of much of my handmade stock.

5- Did I mention I am insanely beat right now?

August 11th~ 
1- Dear Robin Williams, you don't know me but I know you or at least the you that you let us see publicly. You were my favorite comedian, I grew up with you from Mork & Mindy to all of your stand up routines, and movies....I am so sorry that you were unable to find peace that there was more to you that we did not know about. I know that I could never be there for you but I wish I could have said a prayer or sent you healing energy. RIP funny man, your life was noticed!

2- Thanks to my hubby who drove me all over the city after work to pick up the art supplies I needed.

3- My sweet little Allissa got all upset this evening because I didn't take her somewhere that I promised and when she couldn't remember where, we realized it was a dream she had had.

4- drying mint, spearmint, sage and cedar as well as hibiscus, rose, and sunflower for smudges I will be making.



Faith's Footsteps!!!




Well the verdict is in! I finally got a chance to sit down and do the books for our second month in business and we did even better than our first month! Both months, June 20th-July 20th & July 20th-August 20th, has had us come in well over our estimated sales projection. 

TOP Sales (Second Month)
1-Handmade Cards
2-Upcycled/Restyled Jewellry
3-Upcycled/Restyled Home Decor
4-Thrift Home Decor
5-Thrift Fashion Accessories
7-Thrift Books & Comics 
8-Thrift Clothing
9-Vintage Records 
10-Upcycled/Restyled Clothing

What changed? 

Handmade Cards became the best seller, Thrift clothing went from 4th best seller to 9th, beads went from 10th to 6th place, and vintage records made the list!

THANK YOU to all of our fans and shoppers! You make us who we are! We are dancing in the streets with happiness!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hello August!

Hello August....I am happy to greet you but before I do, I must say goodbye to July and some of the highlights and lowlights!

1- Watching Allissa wear an earwig on her wrist in the bug watch bracelet I bought her with no fear!



4- for so much rain that is at least helping my garden to grow

5-Happy First Birthday to my sweet grand baby miss Miah!

6-My favorite tree is starting to bloom my favorite orange flowers.

7-The radiologist was on the ball today and cancelled the angio part of my tests because I had an allergic reaction last time which could have been worse this time around as they forgot to order me prednasone & benydryl first. So I just had the litre of contrast and pudding minus the aspartame as I am allergic.

8-When I jokingly told my granddaughter Allissa that I now glow in the dark and she responded with "cool gramma can I come to your house and see!"








16-Pleased with the little outfits I made for miss Miah's birthday (re-styled) and an original design T-shirt for her.

17-Photo: Sundays Favorite's

1. Meeting Audrey the Rescued Red Slider Spokes Turtle for Little Res Q

2. Getting to hang out with the 1966 Batmobile

3. Hungary Butcher all natural Hawaiian sausages for dinner!

18-Meeting Audrey the Rescued Red Slider Spokes Turtle for Little Res Q

19-Getting to hang out with the 1966 Batmobile

20-Proud of the accomplishments of Dear Thelma, Love Louise after one month in business!

21- I am "this" close to telling everyone in charge of my health care right now to BACK OFF I have it from here on in. I am grateful that I have health care but it is glaringly more obvious with every day that the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing.


23-Seriously? I saw some similar items to what I make this eve. Mine are way cooler! Just saying! It costs me $1.50. - $5.00 to make and can be made in 10 mins. They were selling theirs for $20- $30 bucks. I sell mine for $5-$10. Highway robbery I say.


25-For love & understanding & respect for different walks and life journeys.

26-The decision to start a new diary.

27-For news that there is no malignancy suspected with liver tumour and that brain tumour is stable for now.

28-For standing my ground and refusing yet another requested invasive test for the brain tumour and being OK with that.

29-Introducing Wendy to the Tim Horton's Pretzel Bagel with mustard spread.

30-A visit to Heaven Scent to stock up on incense!

31-Lens Mills Shopping Spree and some great prices on supplies needed.

32-Heard from Erick...he is backpacking across Canada again...Westward bound!

33-Kitchen Table crafting time with Wendy this eve.

34-Picking up my auction items and discovering in my $4 box of books, 2 signed Patrick Lima books and what appears to be the "Mock Up" of an architectural book by Architect Tony Gwilliam with all of his notes, editing, paste ins etc!

35-Also finding in my box of books, a book that I received in 1991 in Ottawa and got rid of in 2000 here in London.... it was written by a psychic who very eerily predicted most of my future up until a few years ago (I painted a painting about it) (a book on spirit guides) How frigging creepy and fascinating is that!

36-Finding an original SARK~ "How To Be An Artist Wall Plaque".

37-Took miss Alissa school shopping. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't like. Sparkly shoes were on her want list and she suggested a 4 slice toaster as the 2 slice one is apparently not up to her standards!

38-Hit up the Goodwill 50% off sale and got some cool rock t-shirts for restyling.

39-Packing for a random 4 day road trip with no particular plan in mind...the best kind!