Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We made it through our debut month with much excitement!  We want to send a big THANK YOU! out to all those who supported us and had us join them at a venue or wrote about us or donated items or passed the word on.

Our Top Ten sellers in the month of June....

1~ Handmade pillows made from a variety of vintage fabrics or trims.

2~ Thinking Chairs: Hand painted funky kid chairs re-purposed from donated kids Sunday School Chairs.

3~ Handmade Greeting Cards & Post Cards made from upcycled materials including restyled vintage photos and photographs by Heidi Wholeness.

4~ Thrift Hats! Caps, Fedoras, cowboy hats

5~ Boho Thrift! Dresses, skirts

6~ Glam Thrift! Party dresses!

7~ Tea Parties For Birds: Upcycled tea cup and saucer bird feeders

8~ Hand Painted Wooden Little House Garden Stakes

9~ Hand Painted wooden pins

10~ sellers

Where we were during June.....

Dundas Street Festival, Cheapside Market, Bee Fest, SoHo Junk In The Trunk!

New Friends who touched our hearts!

Natasha, Deanne, Kevin, Jenna, Sabrina, Cherie, Brenda, Roxanne, Tanya, Axel, Mary, Chris!

Old Friends and Family who supported us big time!

Gayle, Emilie, Daisy, Johnna, Ian, Skyla, Jake, Desirae, Reanna, Christal, Janet, Charlie!

Cool June Moments:

Getting a spread in the London Yodeller
Getting a write up by the Fashonista!
Being told by several people that Thelma the trailer has good mojo and positive energy!
Being told by several people that they can feel the presence of the real Thelma aka Dana in the trailer.
Being told about all of the Thelma & Louise friendships and road trips others have experienced!

We donated to:

A silent auction prize basket for Bee Fest Valued at $25
A silent auction prize basket for Little RES Q (rescued reptiles) Valued at $50
On going funds to our RAK Project $35

We shared the talents of:

Artisan~ Kristen's Krochet
Artisan~ Christal's Diaper Cakes
Artisan~ Charlee's Angels & More
Artisan~ Philosophical Phil
Musician~ Jake Pentland

What else we did...handed out free coloring sheets!

Monday, June 2, 2014


June is here and so is the launch of Dear Thelma, Love Louise!!!  


Who we are:  "We" are a Vintage "Glamper" (glamorized camper) nic named "Thelma" and an Artist/Designer & Social Entrepreneur nic named "Louise" that travels together around London and soon to be other parts of Canada, often with an entourage of (husband, children, grand children, nieces, nephews, friends and in-laws) selling~ up-cycled, re-styled, re-purposed and one of a kind, art, crafts, fashion and accessories.  We also sell vintage, retro and funky thrift items and clothing as well as supplies that you can use for future up-cycled art projects!

About our name: The Name Dear Thelma, Love Louise came from the nic names me (Patti-Ann Sim) and my best friend (Dana Rondeau) used for each other and originally came from the 1991 movie "Thelma & Louise" about the bonds of friendship between two women, and a road trip adventure about personal transformation, spiritual awakening, and battling through the agonizing constraints of gender, class, place and time.  It represents a friendship first formed while living in a homeless shelter and one that went on to become a soul sister bond through many decades.

Why we are a travelling shop: Much of our "Thelma & Louise" friendship was spent travelling the roads of Ontario together, meeting people, taking photos, telling stories, spreading random acts of kindness, making music, helping others, and attending art shows, concerts, festivals, markets, campsites, yard sales, thrift shops and more.  It was on these trips that great dreams of changing the world one hug and smile at a time was born.  In August of 2012, Dana aka "Thelma" passed away suddenly with a brief but mighty battle with Leukemia.  I promised her that I would carry on the dreams for the both of us. 

When we started: I am a firm believer that when something is meant to be, things will start to fall in place and usually with ease, and so in 2013 an idea struck me while researching the word "Wanderlust" the moment I spoke it out, things started to roll…… (literally)! We found a vintage trailer in April of 2014 and immediately started to transform it and glamp it up!  It became a real family project. And so, Dear Thelma, Love Louise was born!  (Making it's debut in June 2014)  A Vintage trailer name Thelma and her artsy friend Louise who travel to you! We are unconventional, keep odd hours, show up where you least expect us, and always have a good time!  We can be found at fairs, on street corners, yard sales, festivals, art shows, farmer’s markets, car shows, parties, fundraising events, road trips and campgrounds. 

What we sell: We are a one of a kind artsy boutique filled with handmade "unique" and mostly re-styled, up-cycled creations such as clothing, jewelry, home & garden decor, stationary, and uniquely sold herbs and plants. We also share the creations of featured new artists, artisans and entrepreneurs with each venue we attend!  We are also a Thrift and Kitsch Lovers Dream with affordable clothing and accessories, housewares, toys, decor, old records, instruments, books, and items that we encourage others to turn into re-purposed works of art!  

We are community:  Not only can you shop for some awesome goods...but we hope you will stop by and share a cup of tea, or try a piece of homemade fudge or other treat, join us for a campfire, sing a song, bang a drum, strum a guitar and have a good time.  You can join us for a scheduled Hob Nob ( fun and enlightening workshops and seminars) or you can sign up to assist in the unconventional random acts of kindness that part of the profits from the sale of items in the shop help to subsidize.  

Thelma ~The trailer (aka Thrifty Thelma)~ Thelma is a 1973 vintage camper trailer of unknown origins or make.  She was picked up for a good price outside of London and was a  party trailer in her former life. She was gutted with the help of Louise, Louise's husband, father in-law and nephew and then was re-built by her husband and father in law.  She has been painted a vintage blue color and Louise herself has painted a mural on her representing the adventures of her namesake. Inside she is stocked with shelves, clothing racks, and more and her treasures spill out the door and around her with cool displays and bright colors!  

Louise~ The Artist/Designer (aka Patti):  I am The Pink Sheep of the family, The square peg in the round hole, the one curly fry in the box of regular...I am the Bees Knees baby! and have learned that Life ain't no ride on a pink duck!  I embrace my alter ART ego~ Heidi Wholeness and I know how to use my gypsy mojo and I like to share it while travelling around in a makeshift caravan, selling my wares, hosting wild and wonderful parties, road trips, and home gallery shows, festivals, sales, or overseeing groups of artsy fartsy-ness all while giving back to my community and making the world a little bit better! I have been a lifelong thrifter. I like to make things out of used objects. I have an eye for finding items or creating items that people get a kick out of! I am an extroverted introvert who likes to surround myself with quirky, kind and creative people and spend hours alone in my home sweet home. I have spent many years working as a social service worker in addictions, homelessness, disabilities, and mental health. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, it is in my blood. I like to wander and record my wanderings.  I paint, take photos, make funky things, sew, knit. embroider, write, plant seeds, sing, bang on a drum and tambourine. I am strong....have struggled through great losses, homelessness, single parenting, illness including a current battle with a recently diagnosed brain tumour.  I am a dreamer, a hop-er, a pray-er and a magic bean buyer and I have some tales to spin! 

Contact Us
Twitter: @ThriftyThelma and @HeidiWholeness

Donations of items can be dropped of in London, Ontario or arrange for a pick up. Please contact us for more info.

In Memory of ~Dana Lisa (Thelma) Rondeau (January 15th, 1968- August 9th, 2012)  At the age of 44 after a courageous battle with leukemia

Monday, March 31, 2014


RAGS BAGS & BONES.....If you are old enough you may remember the Rag and Bone man in your neighborhood who went around with a cart or wagon collecting or swapping for scraps of bone, fabric and other goodies which would be turned into other "Upcycled" Items! Dear Thelma, Love Louise will be holding Monthly RAG BAG & BONE gatherings in neighborhoods around Ontario. All you have to do is register for an event when advertised and pay a small fee and you can join us in creating an upcycled item of your own with the supplies we provide! Our first event will be in July. In the mean time, we want you to send us photos to or to our Facebook Page of great upcycled ideas that you have come across on the internet or take a photo of something you have made yourself! We will post the photos in an album on our Facebook Page called RAG BAG & BONE Ideas! Please give credit to an artisan if there is a link to their name! Thanks!


Dear Thelma, Love Louise Mobile Thrift Store and More is holding it's first Pre-Opening Fundraiser. 25% of the proceeds will go towards our Unique Support Services program for people with disabilities and barriers which offers subsidized services to those who are eligible. Please see our information regarding the types of services we will be offering on this page. 

These are the designs that will be on the T-shirts and Tote bags. There are two to choose from. Please note that the backgrounds are orange as in the photos, and that is what will be on the T-shirt or tote bag color you choose.

Men's sizes S-5XL, T-shirt Color: Black, White, Orange, Grey. This is a standard style T-shirt 50/50 polyester/cotton blend pre-shrunk jersey knit COST~ $16.95 includes tax. ( Delivery outside of London is an extra $11.65 x-press post) or pick up and delivery within London is free!

Women's sizes S-2XL, T-shirt Color: Black, White. This is a fitted style V-neck T-shirt 100% Cotton, Pre-shrunk jersey knit. COST~ $16.95 includes tax. ( Delivery outside of London is an extra $11.65 x-press post) or pick up and delivery within London is free!

Tote Bags~ 100% polyester with inside and side pockets available in Black, Stone, Purple, Light Pink. COST~ $13.55 includes tax. ( Delivery outside of London is an extra $11.65 x-press post) or pick up and delivery within London is free!

This is a limited time offer! 

Thank You to Anderson Art Apparel who gave us a great deal!

Please contact us by message on this page if you are interested in ordering, and supporting this fundraiser, and our new shop! 

We accept payment by Cheque, Cash, Money Order, and Internet Transfers through banks.