Thursday, July 2, 2015


Attention Friends, Family, Fans and Strangers!  Dear Thelma, Love Louise has opened a new Web Site.  You can find us HERE.  We will eventually be closing this Blog down.  If you head over to our new site you will be able to view photos in our new look books of our stock and feel free to let us know if you are interested in purchasing any of these items.  We are happy to make arrangements for pick ups or to bring them to our next venue for you.  We are not able to post everything so make sure you come out and see us live and in person!  

Also on our new site you will find my new blog, and Thelma photos and updates of our venues.

Thank you for following us!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hi Everyone!

Here I am, it's May 2015 and I am gearing up for a new season of vending with Dear Thelma, Love Louise.  I have already gotten my feet wet twice this season participating at the outdoor Cheapside Market located at 929 Cheapside Street, London, Ontario at the location of Peaceful Ponds Water Gardens and Aquaponics.

I am guessing that the season has not really begun for everyone just yet as business was pretty slow the last couple of weekends, so come on out and support us!

The Cheapside Market is currently looking for Vendors of all kinds!  You can be a vendor for only $25 a spot, the more the merrier so if you are interested in this opportunity please contact Roxanne at 519-852-3132, or contact her on her Facebook Page!

So what are some of the changes you can expect to see at Dear Thelma, Love Louise this season?  Take a look.

1. We are changing up our stock... We are carrying more handmade, upcycled, repurposed items now, downsizing our vintage, retro, kitschy thrift items in the shop and moving them online, and bringing in a whole new line of upcycled craft items for our customers to purchase and use for their own upcycled art needs. See details below.

2. We are limiting the amount of festivals and events we attend this year due to my health issues and will also add some smaller scale sales where Thelma the trailer will stay home! (the heat and travel are tiring me out)

3. We will extend our vending season into November this year.

4. We will be keeping our eyes peeled for a brick and mortar location that fits our needs and to help us expand.

5. We are choosing 2 charities to help this year, the first being My Sister's Place in London, Ontario and the second has not yet been determined.  More details to come on this.

The UPCYCLED Craft Items~

Currently we have the following in stock.
1. Buttons
2. Beads
3. Vintage Patterns
4. Records
5. Fabric Scraps
6. Denim Pieces
7. Doilies
8. Vintage Linens & Textiles
9. Stones
10. Feathers
11. Dried Herbs
12. Jewelry Pieces
13. Dishes
14. Nic Nacs
15. Toy pieces
16.Small Furniture Pieces
17. Picture Frames
18. Game Pieces
19. Felted Wool Scraps
20. Scarves
21. Drift Wood
22. Furniture Parts
23. Metal Scraps
24. Wood Cut Outs
25. Paper Ephemera
26. Upcycled Greeting Cards
27. Artificial Flowers
28. Findings
29. String, Ribbon, Yarn Scraps
30. Trim
31. Lace
32. Zippers
33. Stamps
37.Vintage Books
38. Comics
39. Tins & Boxes
40. Watches
41. Drawing Paper, Pads, Mat Board
42.Plant Pots
43. Marbles
44. Tiles
45. Maps
46. Leather & Fur
47. Baskets
48. Kits
49. Embellishments
50. Accessories (belts, ties, shoes, mitts, gloves, socks etc)

How it works~

Vintage linens and textiles, small furniture pieces, picture frames, furniture parts, metal scraps, wood cut outs, findings, stamps, suitcases, tins and boxes, baskets

PAY BY THE BASKET $10 Basket or $20 Basket (A $10 basket is usually 5 items, and a $20 basket is 10 items)
Accessories, paper, pads, mat board, leather, fur, maps, tiles, plant pots, comics, vintage books, photos, postcards, zippers, lace, trim, string, ribbon, yarn, drift wood, scarves, doilies, denim pieces, fabric scraps, records (Mix and Match)

PAY BY THE BAG 50 Cents (small plastic jewelry bags) $2 (Medium Plastic Jewelry Bags), $5 (Large Plastic Jewelry Bags)
Embellishments, marbles, watches, artificial flowers, greeting cards, paper ephemera, game pieces, toy pieces, stones, beads, buttons.

PAY BY WEIGHT 50 cents per 3/oz
Jewelry pieces

KITS Put together by Dear Thelma, Love Louise and sold at individual prices

EXCHANGES If you bring us any of the items that we sell or that are on our wish list we will offer and in store credit based on the following: BY BASKET $5, $10, $20 Credits.  (A limit of a maximum of $20 credits per day)

We will be launching this new Craft Items Sale starting on May 24th!

Please join our Facebook Group and Page for photos of our online thrifty items we are selling. There will be new featured items each Monday. Sales are on a first come first served basis, and are available for pick up at an arranged time or for postage at your expense.


I will continue to sell a variety of my own creations in the mobile shop and at various craft/art shows as well as online.  Please check out my new line of Re-Styled Clothing and Accessories, Furniture Pieces, Garden Decor, Home Decor, Greeting Cards and Post Cards, Gypsy Mojo Pieces, Paintings, Toys, and more.

Finally, in case you were wondering, the results of our online survey are in....Here is what we discovered.

58% who took the survey, had never heard of Dear Thelma, Love Louise before

It was a 50/50 split for online shopping vs. no online shopping

84% Shop at Thrift Stores and 71% shop at Farmer's Markets.  68% shop at clothing boutiques and 53% shop at Craft Supply stores and 45% shop at Festivals.

When shopping at Thrift Stores, 82% buy clothing, 74% buy books, 58% buy Decor items, 39% buy Jewelry, and 37% buy accessories.

When shopping for hand crafted items, 62% buy upcycled, restyled furniture, 54% buy hand crafted jewelry, 43% buy hand crafted accessories, 38% buy restyled clothing, and 35% buy handmade garden decor.

63% are interested in us bringing in herbs and herbal products.

74% prefer to pay with cash, 63% with debit, 39% with credit card, 16% with E-Transfer, and 11% with Pay Pal.

100% use Facebook, 50% use Pinterest, 32% use Instagram, and 11% use Twitter.

and finally, I have drawn for the winning gift certificate and the person will be contacted by email this week!

Happy May!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Please take our survey and help us move forward with some decisions this season and..... enter for a chance to win a gift certificate for participating!

Take the Survey HERE

Thanks a bunch


Thursday, October 9, 2014


OCTOBER 2014-MAY 2015

We have exciting news! We decided that we just couldn't put Thelma the trailer away for the winter, she has a purpose after all!  So starting  (October, 2014), Dear Thelma, Love Louise will be setting up shop in a new/regular location.  Regular because it will be at Cheapside Market/ Peaceful Ponds where we are part of the regular Sunday Markets from 10-3.  The new part is: We are moving Thelma, behind the Peaceful Ponds Shop and packing her up for the winter weather but....  Once you enter into Peaceful Ponds, on the left you will find a lovely little Pop Up Shop filled with Dear Thelma, Love Louise goodies that stays there 7 days a week under the supervision of my dear friend Roxanne.
Thelma will be open for your shopping pleasure during  the pop up shop throughout the week keeping with Roxanne's store schedule, plus Market Sunday's from 10-3 until March.


Dear Thelma, Love Louise will be holding online auctions on our Facebook GROUP page from January to March, as well as supporting the Cheapside Market Auction with donations.

Peaceful Ponds will be open daily, 7 days a week and you can find a great assortment of bird seed, pet supplies, as well as winter pond needs.  You can also find other great items throughout the week from some of our weekend market vendors. Roxanne's very own knit and sewn creations, & wreathes. A great stock of spiritual goods: cards, crystal balls, and more.  There is also Kin Eh D N maple syrups, jams, honeys, salsa, and other products.  You can also find a variety of items like cheese curds, farm fresh eggs, organic sausages, and veggies through the week.  It's like a modern version of the Old time General Store in the Carling area of London!


Dear Thelma, Love Louise will be bringing in new stock....we are expanding our vintage, retro, and kitschy clothing line as well as our handmade re-styled clothing line called Pink Sheep!  We are bringing in a line of Gypsy Mojo products.  Our hand grown herbs, dried and made into smudge sticks, loose incense, teas, potions, and more.  Beads!  we will have a select variety of beads sold loose as well some beading supplies.  We will also be bringing in more upcycled craft supplies for you to purchase or barter for!  

Peaceful Ponds is located at 929 Cheapside St., London, Ontario

....follow us on Facebook & Twitter to know what we are up to, we have a GROUP and a PAGE!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


If you go to our Facebook page and like us, you will also find the trailer photo below which we ask you to share!!!

March 25th~ (From Facebook) Good Morning everyone! Jumping Jitter bugs!! the little trailer photo I posted last night has been seen by 644 people! It was shared 26 times. Facebook notified me and told me that post was seen by 95% more people than all of my other posts....and then they asked me to pay for advertising to boost my page. Most of the other thrift shops in the area have 650 plus page I may have to look at coughing up some cash at some point, as Facebook and word of mouth is how I plan to advertise. Also, Facebook has things set up that if you do not pay for advertising, the only way your posts or page gets shared and seen is if someone likes it and shares it....for now I am rebelling against the "man"! But....I have you all to thank for sharing and liking my page and posts...BIG GROUP HUG! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hello Everyone! I am so very excited to see you here and to share my exciting news about a new life direction for me with Dear Thelma, Love Louise...Thrift Store and More! We are aiming to open on June 1st, here in London, Ontario (If this winter weather ever goes away) and will have a special Grand Opening Party that I hope you will attend! In the mean time, please take the time to read through the posts on here, and check this site out as well as the Face Book page of the same name, so you know what we are all about! and please share with all of your friends and family and ask them to like both the Blog and the FB page! I have also started an event on FB asking for donations of goods for this charitable endeavor. All donations can be dropped off at 58 Barker St. I would appreciate that you contact me first in case of bad weather. As the days go on, I will showcase the progress of the set up of the shop and once set up, I will advertise special events, our travelling locations, discounts, promotions, and more information on our Rags Bags and Bones workshops and seminars as well as our Community Support Services. Thanks for stopping by!